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AGM held at KSCA on 8th Dec 2019

Honouring the Sindhu awardee recepients, at the AGM, recommended by SSA.
Mr Ashok Sachdev(President Sindhi madhur sangam) - SINDHU BHUSAN

Lal-Loi in 13th Jan 2020 at The Mudtank, BBMP Grounds, opp Sita Bathija hospital.

Cosponsors of The public fridge, installed at Shanthinagar on 16th Feb 2020, inaugurated by Shanthinagar MLA, Mr. N A Harris.

Holi celebration Held at Shakesbierre, on 8th Mar 2020.

Sahataya at Shanthinagar BBMP ward during Lockdown 1

Honouring of Covid warriors (police department along with traffic wardens)
during lockdown and sahataya from 30th Apr to 3rd May 2020.

Sahataya at old age ashram, at A.I.R Transit Humanitarian Homes on 17th May 2020,during lockdown.

Education Sponsorship given to 2 students to the tune of 25000 each


Religious and cultural events organized by the Association include occasions of 'Lal - Lohi' and Holi. Lal-Lohi is celebrated on the eve of 'Makara Sankranti' on the 13th of January every year. 1,500 people gather by the bonfire, to pray and offer wood. The arrangements made by the Association for this occasion include hosting of dinner prasad for the gathering. Members of the Association and their families also get together and party during Holi, celebrating it with flowers instead of colours. In the true spirit of its motto - "Brotherhood & Service".

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